No Scrub Splatter Spank

Spank Your Splatter!

Lime's citric acid is the perfect weapon to cut through grease and gunk. Here's how to get rid of food splatters in your microwave...

Squeeze a fresh lime into a mug filled with water. Heat in the microwave until boiling. Allow the steam to fill up the microwave for a few seconds. Wipe the moist microwave walls with a damp soapy dish towel. Dry with a dry towel.

Love isn't love until it's given away - Donate Reusables

This week I sorted stuff to give away. My fridge benefited from a total makeover. And when I saw these two gigantic glass jars half empty, I immediately thought of our local Soup Kitchen.

At the Soup Kitchen they sometimes run out of seats at the tables, so they serve to-go meals to the rest of the crowd standing outside. The really large jars allow them to serve generous 1 1/2 Cup servings to-go. Piping hot soup on a cold day is just one more way we can help our friends on the street to keep warm.

When they run out of giant jars they resort to using the smaller 1 Cup jars, and I happen to know they are looking for donations of larger jars right now. I emptied my two large jars into two smaller jars. That way my fridge enjoys more space and I can reinforce the stock at my Soup Kitchen at the same time !

La Machine Qui Fait Pétiller La Vie

Plus besoin d'apporter des bouteilles plastique à la maison.
Plus de dépenses pour des boissons soft.
Pas de déchets inutiles !
On peut toujours recevoir à l'improviste et surtout c'est fun ! et les amis s'amusent à donner un coup de main en plein soirée !

Cette curieuse machine j'ai découverte il y a deux semaines. Elle est entrée dans ma vie quand elle était offerte à mon mari pour son anniversaire. Je suis déjà accro !!! Nous ne savons plus vivre sans notre Soda Club !

Comme de la magie elle transform l'eau du robinet en eau petillante avec l'aide d'une bombe de gaz et toute ça sans augmentation de ma facture EDF. Le système fonctionne sans pile ni électricité, le gaz contenu dans les cylindres (CO2) fournit toute l'énergie nécessaire au fonctionnement de l'appareil.
Comme vous pouvez voir, les trois impéritifs du Soda Stream : simplicité, économie et écologie - me parlent beaucoup.

Simplicité, parce-que... La simplicité absolue est la meilleure manière de se distinguer. - Charles Baudelaire

Économie, parce-que... Je préfère voir mes sujets rire de mon sens de l'économie plutôt que pleurer de mes goûts de luxe. - Oscar II de Suède

Écologie, parce-que... La Bible nous dit : Dieu donne le monde, l'univers et le cosmos à l'homme pour qu'il les régisse et les domine, ça nous donne l'écologie. - Karl Zéro

Faites pétiller votre vie en 3 étapes !
1.) Remplissez la bouteille d'eau jusqu'au niveau indiqué puis vissez-la dans l'appareil incliné vers l'arrière.
2.) Appuyez sur le bouton en haut de l'appareil. Dévissez la bouteille.
3.) Ajoutez vôtre arôme dans la bouteille d'eau gazéifiée à l'aide du bouchon doseur.

L'eau de Paris + CO2 = Super super savoureux et parfaitement pétillante !

Orange Fizz
Une litre d'eau pétillante fait maison.
Une orange pressé.
Un demi dose de parfum Orange Soda Club.

Today Dimly ; Tomorrow Face to Face - Glass Stovetop

I like shiny things.
I like sparkle.
I like clean.
I like order.
I especially like spaciousness - a rare commodity in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
So, if I can clear off the kitchen countertops I feel at peace. Of course I have to find nooks and crannies to hide my stuff in for that to even be possible. Sometimes small kitchen appliances end up in the guest room, but any cost is worth a clear shiny countertop.

My glasstop stove also plays a big roll in this illusion of orderliness. If it's not shiny then life feels cruddy and out of place.

I used to buy that chemical stuff that comes in a microscopically small spray bottle carrying an inflated big price tag.
But now-a-days I'm trying to save the planet (or am I trying to save money $$$, I always forget ;p) and so I've started making my own stovetop cleaner. My first attempt was a little scary.

Knowing what I've learned about natural cleaning I got out my favorite gentle abrasive - Baking Soda.
Dampen your sponge, sprinkle baking soda on the stovetop, rub-a-dub-dub.

Water is safe, but was taking too long. I had a big baked on mess. Take-two!

Moisten the stovetop mess with vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the vinegar. Watch it fizz. This happy little all-natural chemical reaction is going to fizz away your baked on food. Wipe with a dry cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Fizz. Fizz. Fizz. I just love it!

Grease Lightning

What a sticky mess!!! A roll of sticky packing tape got stuck to my stovetop, combined with oil from recent cooking adventures, I've got sticky goo galore!

So what do I do to fight this goo?

My first thought was *bring out the heavy artillery* I thank God for my lovely husband who saved me from a near disaster...

He reminded me of an old trick where you can dissolve stickiness with vegetable oil. Yeah! I let out a cheer, for natural ingredients!

So my hubby grabbed the bottle of oil from our pantry and let it soak for a while then wiped it up with a towel. A little fingernail action took care of some stubborn tape residue.

Don't forget a quick wipe over with lemon juice to remove the oil and leave a shiny finish and a fresh lemon scent.

Effacer Ma Honte - Yellow Armpit Stains

Plagued by yellowing armpits and sweat stains?

I had a problem recently while I was vacationing at a friend's house.
Talk about embarrassing!!!

My innocent little sweat stains weren't getting better in the washer, in fact they were getting worse! The rust in their water transformed every the tiniest drop of sweat into a funky orange tie dye stain. I thought the shirt was lost forever.

Then I learned this amazing new trick.
You squeeze a fresh lemon on the stain until it's saturated, nevermind the pulp clinging to the garment, it works great. Then pour a generous amount of salt and allow it to dissolve a little into the saturated stain. Then, and this is the best part, hang the garment in direct sunlight!

If you have a stain on both sides of a shirt, don't bother doing both sides at once, because only the side in direct sunlight will be cured. Just flip the shirt over and begin again. Then wash your shirt according to the manufacturers recommendations. Voilà! Presto-Chango! It's like magic!

Summer Love - Watermelon Slush

Combat these hot summer days with hydration the natural way!

Icy Cold.

Watermelon is mostly water, 92%
Nature's delicate sweetness also contains 4g of fiber in every 100g serving.

Look at this gorgeous frozen drink...
So here's what I did, I went to the store to pick up a watermelon. I rescue a melon out of the produce section, and there's a man there shopping for vegetables. He asks me, "Savez-vous comment savoir si le melon est bon ?" (Do you know how to tell if the melon is good?) After a comment about how small the selection was, I explained that I usually choose the one that is soft around the stem. To which he replied, you just flick it with your finger and listen to the sound it makes. And the verdict? The melon passed both tests. It's ripe, juicy, and delicious.

Back at the appartement I sliced it open, chopped it into 1-2 cm cubes thrown into a tupperware container, and popped into the freezer overnight. When you're ready to serve your slush, just run the diced watermelon through the food processor (or blender).

Summer Has Arrived!

Lemon Manicure

Yet another exciting use for fresh lemon magic!

When you're done eating or scrubbing with your lemon, peel the membranes out and reveal the nice fluffy white inside layer of the skin.

Then massage your hands (or your friend's hands) with the white fluffy side. Massage your fingers, nails, palms, everywhere!

This tropical manicure shows instant results. Your fingers will be hydrated, moisturized, and smooth as a baby's bottom in only 10 minutes.

Save your skins! Miraculously it even works really really well with old lemon skins that have gotten rubbery and a little dry.

Green Tea Facial Wash

Brew a pot of green tea. Allow it to steep for two minutes before removing the tea leaves. When the tea has completely cooled, pour the tea into ice cube trays and freeze the ice cubes for future use.

Twice a week pull out an ice cube and allow it to thaw. Use it to wash your face and rinse with cool clear water.

Smoothie Radiance

No added sugar, a great source of vitamins, hydrating, nourishing, refreshing, just plain yum! The absolute best "dreaming of the beach..." drink, if I ever knew one.

Smoothies are cropping up everywhere. New, exciting, healthy, exotic! But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. They're also ... simple. Fruit is a main ingredient. But the many combinations of fruit, yogurt and ice will never leave you bored. 

Blueberry Whirl (photo)
Put two packages of vanilla yogurt in the freezer for several hours. Then empty the frozen contents with a third unfrozen package of vanilla yogurt and a handful of frozen blueberries into a blender or food processor. Whirl.

Orange-berry Blast
Prepare and chop two large oranges and a handful of fresh strawberries. Throw in a blender or food processor with some ice cubes. Blast.

Chocolate Cupcake Fresh Mask

This fresh facial mask is soo easy to whip up and soooo deliciously smelling, you'll want to make it all the time!

This mask is amazing for people who have sensitive skin like me. No dryness, no redness, just a nice clean pore refining smooth finish.

1 teaspoon of cocoa powder - simultaneously antioxidant and soothing
1 egg yolk - cell health and glow
1 tablespoon of flour - leaves your skin feeling silky smooth

Mix until smooth, and use your fingers to apply over your entire face avoiding your eye wells. Don't forget your hair line, neck and chest.

Allow to set for 10 minutes (no more than 20). Never allow a mask to dry. If you feel the mask is starting to dry and crack, it's past time to take it off.

Never rub your face vigorously. Use a warm soft damp cloth. Allow the warmth and heat to penetrate the mask and wipe gently using an upward motion.

De-Calcifying Faucets

Use nature's little scrub brush to shine up your faucets. Cut a fresh lemon in half rub it on your faucet and aerator, twist, twist, twist. Shiny and clean. Rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Most of us have this impression that there's some magic ingredient in store-bought toilet bowl cleaner. Some mysterious ingredient so rare that only their product has it! Yet, so important that every household has bought the myth.

Then when it's time to choose which brand to be faithful too, they start boasting about the new improved lemon scent, or the extra whitening power of the bleach, and the bottle in my cupboard actually brags about having baking soda! Not exactly the big, secret, hard to find items that you were imagining right?

The one thing they do have that is unique is the funny bottle with the duck neck spout. So when mine went empty, instead of sending it to the landfill and running to the store in a panic, I refilled it with everything it boasts.
Guess what! It works great!

1 cup water - to dissolve the baking soda
One half cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) - abrasive agent, neutralizes acids and break down proteins
One half cup lemon juice - antibacterial, antiseptic, cuts grease stains
Fill the rest of the way with bleach - kills bacteria, whitens stains

If you're bold enough to live in a chemical free home, check out my Bleach-Free Toilet Bowl Scrub. Bleach is so overrated.

Cleopatra's Fresh Mask

This fresh facial is as old as time. The honey infusion leaves you smelling like a baby. Some of us do not have facial clay sitting around the house, so here's a quick introduction.

2 tablespoons of facial clay - anti-aging, healing, astringent
2 teaspoons of yogurt - nourishing and moisturizing
2 tablespoons of honey - nourishing and moisturizing

Mix until smooth. Use the back of a spoon to attack any stubborn clumps. Allow the clay to stand for a few minutes to absorb the moisture. Use your fingers to apply a 1/8 to ½ inch thick layer to the face, throat and neckline avoiding your eye wells.

Allow to set for 10 minutes (no more than 20). Never allow a mask to dry. If you feel the mask is starting to dry and crack, it's past time to take it off.

Never rub your face vigorously. Use a warm soft damp cloth. Allow the warmth and heat to penetrate the mask and wipe gently using an upward motion.


Keep the spray bottle when your window cleaner runs out. Refill it with plain ordinary white vinegar. Safe, fast, and a great clean shine. It's the natural ecological choice, and it just works great!

To save even more trees and money, trade out your store bought paper towels for yesterday's newspaper. That's right, reuse an old spray bottle, with ecological vinegar, on old newspapers - for sparkling clean windows!

Tropical Manicure

Not sure what to do with the other half of that fresh lemon that you put in your tea this morning?

Into a medium sized mixing bowl...
Squeeze half of a fresh lemon - for silky smooth skin
2 tablespoons of yogurt - nourishing and moisturizing

Turn on a film, settle into the couch, dunk your hands into the bowl, and lather luxuriously for 20 minutes.

Stain Removal

A 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) and water will remove most stains on countertops and tile.
Blot on the spot and let it set 30 minutes. Then scrub lightly with baking soda if needed. Shaving cream also does a great job on difficult stains.


For a wonderful all purpose fill a spray bottle half full with warm water add a squirt or two of liquid dish soap then finish filling with water. It's inexpensive and does a great job cleaning most kitchen surfaces and appliances.

Walls & Countertops

Tile Walls and Countertops - For a wonderful all purpose fill a spray bottle half full with warm water add a squirt or two of liquid dish soap then finish filling with water. It's inexpensive and does a great job cleaning walls & countertop surfaces without leaving a residue behind.

Stainless Steel

Scratch marks are impossible to remove, so prevention becomes important. Always place a rubber mat in stainless steel sinks.

To remove burned on food from the surface of a stainless steel stove, boil some water (wear gloves) and pour directly onto the spill. Let it set a few minutes. That helps loosen the food making removal easier. In microwaves, wipe them down with boiling water then scrub with Cameo. Cover your food to prevent the splatters.

Deodorize a Humidifier

When your humidifier starts to smell funky, deodorize it with ease: Just pour 3 or 4 teaspoons lemon juice into the water. It will not only remove the off odor but will replace it with a lemon-fresh fragrance. Repeat every couple of weeks to keep the odor from returning.

Ceramic Tile and Slate Floors

Clean tile and slate with warm water only. Prevention becomes essential with these floor surfaces. Regularly apply a sealant found in tile stores to slate, tile and especially the grout. Clean spills immediately. 

(If warm water alone sounds disturbingly simple, you can clean ceramic tile floors with vinegar. Fill one bucket with clean water. In the other bucket, mix a solution of 1 cup vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water. Wash with the vinegar mixture, rinse in the clear water, repeat.)
Cleaning stains out of grout can test your patience. The porous nature of grout means liquid cleaners seep right through. First thoroughly spray a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water directly on the spot. Let that set 15 minutes and repeat. Do not use this mixture on colored grout. Peroxide is bleach, safe but nonetheless bleach. It removes the color from colored grout.
If the stain refuses to budge, soak a heavy-duty paper towel with straight peroxide laying the towel on top of the stain. Cover the towel with plastic wrap to prevent the peroxide from drying out quickly. The towel holds the peroxide on the surface giving it time to dissolve the stain. If that doesn't work, mix a paste of straight peroxide and baking soda. Allow the bubbling to subside. Apply to the stain and let it set. Re-spray with peroxide as it dries out.
Shaving cream sprayed on stains also does a good job removing them. If your grout is colored test an inconspicuous spot first. Tile stores now carry a cleaner stick that resembles chalk. It is safe to use on colored grout and works wonders. After you remove the stains from the grout, seal them.

Make a Clay Facial

Some of us do not have facial clay sitting around the house, so here's a quick introduction...

An anti-aging, astringent body masque that is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes that heals, detoxifies and stimulates circulation.

French Green Clay is also known as Sea Clay. The molecular makeup of the clay is absorbent to the skin. The green is the most aggressive for complex oily skin that needs whipped into shape.

Rhassoul or Red Clay comes from Morocco, has been used for centuries as soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner in some the finest spas in the world. It comes from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco and resembles silky earth when refined. It is absorbent and effective for cleaning and detoxifying. It is used to reduce dryness, reduce flakiness and improves skin’s clarity, texture and elasticity.

Bentonite Clay is volcanic ash. Bentonite clay is somewhat different from the other types of clay. When water is added to Bentonite, the molecular structure changes and an electrical charge is produced. The clay swells like a sponge, attracting toxins into the mixture and once they are drawn, they are bound to the clay because of the electric charge.

White Clay and Pink Clay, also known as Rose Clay, are best for sensitive skin. For delicate skin 5 minutes should be enough.

Here's a link to an online shop that will deliver.

Otherwise you can find a limited range of products at your local Sally Beauty Supply Store or Carrefour.

Mix up one of our delightful homemade clay facial recipes. Allow the clay to stand for a few minutes to absorb the moisture. Apply a 1/8 to ½ inch thick layer to the face, throat and neckline and let it sit.

It usually takes 5 minutes for delicate skin and 15 to 20 minutes for normal skin, but if it is wet, it is still working. The pulling and tightening sensation is normal and what you want to happen.

Remove the clay by washing off with warm water. Never allow a mask to dry. If you feel the mask is starting to dry and crack, it's past time to take it off.

Never rub your face vigorously. Use a warm soft damp cloth. Allow the warmth and heat to penetrate the mask and wipe gently using an upward motion.

Hardwood Floors

Great idea. No filthy residue. Dries quickly and easily leaving an eye catching shine! What's the secret? Vinegar and water will shine up your hardwood floors better than any newfangled product out there. I got this idea from some friends with impeccable sparkling floors! I was blown away when I found out how simple their secret was.

Mix 1/2 cup (.25L) of vinegar with one gallon (4L) of warm water. Wipe your floors with a soft cotton cloth. A Tee-shirt tied to a dust-mop or swiffer will do large surfaces quicker. Immediately dry with a soft towel.

Vinegar just happens to be antibacterial too, so that's a plus for some people out there. You can throw in a splash of dish soap if you want to add a light scent, but you'll really be surprised at how quickly the vinegar smell dissipates as the liquid evaporates.


Do not use anything other than liquid dish soap on marble. Harsher cleansers will damage the surface. Always dry marble to prevent water spots from leaving their signature mark. Marble stains easily so wipe spills immediately. Do not use vinegar or orange based cleaners to clean marble. The acid in them will damage the surface. Peroxide is safe for stain removal.

Floor Treatments

Proper care of your floor prevents damage, extends its life and keeps it looking new for years. How do you properly care for your flooring?
If you enjoy going barefoot or even if you don't, kick your shoes off at the door. Why remove your shoes? If you have a rough board that needs smoothing you grab a sheet of sandpaper for the job. Guess what's on the bottom of your shoes? Sand and dirt grind away at the surface of your floor causing an early death.
A closer look at the bottoms of those shoes and you'll find oil, dirt and heaven only knows how many tidbits of left over dog deposits. Small wonder why your floors stubbornly refuse to come clean. Do wear slippers or socks inside. The oil from the bottom of your feet also dirties the surface.
Always vacuum or dust hard floor surfaces before mopping. Start in the far corner of the room and work in small sections. If you don't have a rope mop, just use a hand towel or soft sponge to wipe the tile clean.

Polish Chrome

Get rid of mineral deposits and polish chrome faucets and other tarnished chrome. Simply rub lemon rind over the chrome and watch it shine! Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

Clean Tarnished Brass

Say good-bye to tarnish on brass, copper, or stainless steel. Make a paste of lemon juice and salt (or substitute baking soda or cream of tartar for the salt) and coat the affected area. Let it stay on for 5 minutes. Then wash in warm water, rinse, and polish dry. Use the same mixture to clean metal kitchen sinks too. Apply the paste, scrub gently, and rinse.

Baking Soda

Also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, the same qualities that make baking soda a tenderizer and a leaven, also make it a great cleaning product. Baking soda is weakly alkaline. As such, it acts to neutralize acids and break down proteins.

Baking soda’s finely gritty texture makes it an excellent, gentle abrasive cleaner. It is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, fragrance-free, and safe for nearly all surfaces, making it ideal for household use. As a mild abrasive agent, baking soda can also be used in place of toothpaste.

Also, it is baking soda’s neutralizing action on acidic scent molecules that makes it an effective deodorizer. Added to the water when doing laundry, baking soda stabilizes the pH level, enhancing the detergent’s effectiveness. Baking soda may also be added to swimming pool water to balance the pH and keep the water clear.

As an acid neutralizer, baking soda is a great first-aid tool. Dissolved into a lukewarm bath, it will soothe the discomfort of sunburn and the itch of poison ivy. Made into a paste with cool water and applied directly to the skin, it will ease the pain of bee stings. One-half teaspoon baking soda mixed into 4 ounces (120 ml) of water can be taken as an antacid. Note: Those taking prescription medications or following a reduced-sodium diet should check with a physician before consuming baking soda.

Sprinkled around the exterior entrances to and foundations of homes, it may prohibit ants and other insects from crawling in, as it is irritating to their chitinous exoskeletons and they avoid it.

Bleach-Free Toilet Bowl Scrub

Have you ever thought about making your own toilet bowl cleaner? I think a lot of us believe that we have to have strong chemicals to clean dirty items like toilet bowls. That's simply not true. You can make a great cleaner for your toilet bowl at home and with natural ingredients.

Check out this toilet bowl scrub recipe that worked for me:
Combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Throw this into your toilet and scrub away! It always gets my toilet clean.

Make up a batch and keep a bottle by the WC, but remember to shake well before using.